ChinaSPAF 2021 – Online Showcase Presentation Contemporary Acrobatic Show The Butterfly Lovers & Application for Pitch Session closes on 31 July! Publication date:2021-07-23

We are delighted to share one of this year’s Online Showcase Presentations - The Butterfly Lovers which presents both the classic love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai and their transformation into butterflies in a contemporary acrobatic way. 


How I wish I could be entwined with thee for all this life,

Till the imposed death sets us apart!

The most unsurpassable love the world has ever heard

Was but brief moments of snuggling up against thy shoulders


Carrying on the folklore of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, the poignant love story is presented in a succession of breathtaking acrobatic moves when the settings, emotions and images are unfolded one after another. The entire show is pregnant with images, which are elusive, unpredictable and romantic. It conforms to the traditional aesthetics of Chinese culture and carries innovation elements of contemporary stage performance. 


Photo credit: Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre


By combining acrobatics with some other artistic forms, The Butterfly Lovers is an endeavor to promote the depth and scope of the literary art in a completely different way - flexible and strong limbs of acrobats, a pure artistic expression with a great dramatic tension. 


Photo credit: Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre


During the past two years, Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre has developed many original acrobatic skills such as group fan dancingumbrella jugglingpole climbingbar jugglingwriting brush jugglingfunny box squeezing, which are surely an eye-opener to the audience. Wu Zhengdan together with her partner and husband Wei Baohua, are creators of Ballet On Shoulders for Oriental Swan. This time, they will present newly choreographed piece of Ballet On Shoulders, which is the vivid depiction of the two lovers’ entwining with each other when Wu snuggles up against Wei’s shoulders alluding to the two butterflies keeping each other company.


Photo credit: Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre


The brand-new contemporary acrobatic show The Butterfly Lovers has been worked on by a group of top artists including Zhao Ming (chief director), Yu Rongjun (playwright), Ning Genfu (art director), Qin Liyun(stage designer) and Li Rayding (costume designer). They have been working together to relate the traditional Chinese folklore with artistic forms such as acrobatics, dancing and drama and remodel this Chinese classic with modern approaches.


Photo credit: Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre


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On a separate note, a kind reminder is that the deadline of application for Pitch Session: Going to Mainland China! is Saturday, 31 July 2021. DO NOT miss this opportunity to introduce your project to the Chinese performing arts market! 



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