CSIAF Performing Arts Fair

As the largest performing arts exchange market in the Asia-Pacific region, the China Shanghai International Arts Festival Performing Arts Fair attracts hundreds of performing arts organisations and more than 1,000 representatives from countries and regions around the world every year. The fair continues to build a professional platform for cultural trade, comprehensively demonstrating the platform's nature of being international, professional, pioneering and active, signaling direction to the global performing arts industry, and helping create a domestic and international dual circulation.

The Fair has built a platform for domestic and foreign artists, performing arts groups, theatres and performance intermediary agents to exchange and display, cooperate and negotiate, promoting more foreign artistic excellence to enter the Chinese market, and enabling a large number of outstanding domestic works to "set sail" for the global stage. Out of the more than 400 cooperation agreements reached each year, more than half are about “going global” projects. The festival perseveres in cultivating and promoting original works in a professional way. In recent years, a total of 42 outstanding Chinese original works travelled to 29 countries and regions via the platform set up by the Fair, giving more than 100 performances.

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The Forum section of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival continues to build a professional platform to promote the prosperity of domestic culture and facilitate cultural exchanges and cooperation among countries. The Forum mainly focuses on the latest hotspots and topics in the international performing arts market, and constantly focuses on transnational interdisciplinary cooperation to create more opportunities. In addition, the Forum is also an important gathering for government officials, arts professionals, and businesspeople from home and abroad to enhance friendship, deepen understanding, and jointly promote cultural development. In 2023, the Festival’s keynote forum will be upgraded to the International Forum on Urban Culture. 

“Communicating through art better links the world,” taking leading the development of performing art industry as its own responsibility, the Forum will continue to strengthen the link between culture and art, bring together global giants in the field of art and culture, and explore new challenges, new paths, and new patterns in the development of global urban culture. The Forum will fully embrace its function as a "think tank", continuing to promote the diverse presentation of cultural and artistic works, injecting consistent energy and powerful momentum into the development of cultural activities and the cultural industry.