ChinaSPAF 2021 – Let the international dialogues continue. Publication date:2021-05-31

After a years suspending owing to the pandemic situation, the exchange and touring of international programme still remains the most challenging task for the globalized performing arts community in which all of us is binding together. However, we still hope that artistic and creative concepts and ideas could give you some strength during this difficult time and the whole performing arts market could get back to normal when the travel returns.


To obtain a broad overview on which direction the Chinese performing arts market is undergoing, ChinaSPAF is the most efficient way to facilitate international cooperation, connect creators and arts professionals worldwide and showcase the latest creative works from China. ChinaSPAF 2021 (hybrid version) runs from 14-18 October.


Hence, if you are looking for opportunities to promote your projects and get connected with Chinese arts professionals for the upcoming 1 to 2 years, you might want to pay high attention to the following ChinaSPAF 2021 events:


§   Hybrid Booth Exhibition

The one-day intensive hybrid booth exhibition always attracts the most attention from over 1,000 Chinese and international participants. You can have access to real-time promotion and customized communication from remote distance with participants who attend physical part of ChinaSPAF 2021, and promote your new works to Chinese professionals in a most effective way. (Free printing service of 4 posters is available for for hybrid booth holders.)

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§   Pitch Session: Going to Mainland China!

The most effective way for international companies whose programmes have been selected by the ChinaSPAF panel of experienced major venue presenters in China to introduce your new works to the Chinese market. (Application period: Early June – 31 July 2021)

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§   Online Showcase

Once selected, you will gain high exposure as ChinaSPAF 2021 official showcase and high efficiency to promote your projects to the performing arts professionals.

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§   Advertising Opportunities

The full-page advertising flyer in the ChinaSPAF 2021 gift bag as well as full page on ChinaSPAF Official Guide Book receives the most effective promotion and attention.

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§   Coffee e-Lounge

You can gather casually online, (re)think and talk about hot topics and get inspired through the active exchange of ideas with over 1,000 professionals.


Please feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions! Also, please note that early bird discount ends on 15 June 2021.


So dont hesitate to get registered!


We looking forward to e-meeting you this October!