Brightdairy Zhi You, Enjoy Night Show

From the Shanghai Exhibition of Excellent Newly Created Stage Works 'Art Goes Forth' to the 'Show Life - Art Gathering in Shanghai' Stage Art Works Exhibition Season, and further to the Shanghai City Lawn Concert 'Rhythm of Autumn', in a series of works that reflect the changing times, the progress of China and the call of the people, China Shanghai International Arts Festival and Bright Dairy have collaborated to explore and extend new possibilities. Their mission is to infuse the power of art into the lives of everyone, ensuring that the vibrant and passionate spirit of artistic originality reaches a broader audience.

In the future, China Shanghai International Arts Festival and Bright Dairy will continue to dedicate themselves to enriching people's lives with original masterpieces and high-quality domestic and international performing arts resources. They aim to assist more Chinese original and outstanding traditional cultural works in their journey to the global stage, narrating compelling stories about China and Shanghai to the world."