Exhibition in Progress——The Zhang Yuan Art Project was successfully opened


From November 5th to 12th, the 21st China Shanghai International Arts Festival Exhibition in Progress——The Zhang Yuan Art Project will be held in Zhangyuan.

Fengyuan as a counselor and Yu Xiaofu as the curator, the Zhang Yuan Art Project titled Exhibition in Progress is a triennial dynamic exhibition which depicts the past, present and future of Zhang Yuan. In 2019, as the first year of ‘Exhibition in Progress’, the exhibition will focus on representing a series of classical scenes of Zhang Yuan during its peak period in late Qing Dynasty by immersive sketch of make-up and display of art works about Zhang Yuan. Many Shanghai-based well-known artists such as Fengyuan, Yu Xiaofu, Fang Shicong, Wei Jingshan, Xia Baoyuan, Xu MangYao, Zhang Peichu, Han Shuo, Chen Yiming etc. will act as characters in Zhang Yuan and interpret their most authentic feelings by brushes.