Commissioned work by 18th China Shanghai International Arts Festival——Papa's Time Machine by Maleonn


Last year, Maleonn brought his works Papa's Time Machine to the showcase performance stage of 17th China Shanghai International Arts festival. This year, it will begin the first round of the performance on May 19—21 in Shanghai Daning Theatre, and it will be the commissioned works by 18th China Shanghai International Arts Festival. 

Papa's Time Machine is inspired by Maleonn's father's amnesia, the result of the onset of Alzheimer's Disease, and is dedicated to him. Told with life size puppets, the story expresses the artist's understanding about love between father and son. As the father descends into Alzheimer's Disease, the son tries to create a machine that will help him preserve his happy memories of their time together.

Maleonn invented his own puppetry system through the unique visual style and structure, the operation of the puppets, as well as the training of the puppeteers. The adult puppet is 160cm in height,composed of 1486 parts, whilst the child puppet is 120cm in height. He also created many extraordinarty creatures for the puppet's world.

The show is combined with touching story and astonishing visual art. Also, the puppet will perform among audience and invite audience to join the story to create a unique theater experience.

Commissioned work by 18th China Shanghai International Arts Festival

Papa's Time Machine by Maleonn


Address:Daning Theatre