Traditional Opera

Yue Opera Su Qin

by Zhejiang Xiao Bai Hua Yue Opera Troupe


SHOAC Opera Hall

The Warring States strategist Su Qin, who studied under Guiguzi, traveled far and wide after completing his studies. He wielded his sword and journeyed across various states. After encountering setbacks in the state of Zhao, he returned home in destitution, facing neglect from his family. In his humble thatched cottage, his wife Ling'er took care of him with deep affection. Su Qin endured hardships, studying diligently and persevering with great determination. Eventually, he found someone who appreciated his talents and became a prime minister in six states, returning home in glory. Confronted with six golden seals, Su Qin felt a mix of emotions. Through hard work and perseverance, he realized the grand strategy of the alliance, bringing fifteen years of peace to the six states. However, Su Qin was later poisoned while acting as a double agent for the state of Qin and succumbed to an arrow wound.

Su Qin defies the single-line narrative by presenting diversified thinking and pouring profound characteristics of the times into the traditional story. With its poetic mood and epic style, Su Qin reflects the unique style of the new historical drama.