"Ode to the Silk Road"

Symphony Concert


Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has always been committed to showcasing the great spirit of the Chinese nation through musical works. On the tenth anniversary of The Belt and Road Initiative, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Museum have collaborated to launch the Ode to the Silk Road-themed concert. This concert features three Silk Road-themed works composed by Zhao Lin, Zhu Jian'er, and Yu Ji at different times for the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra: Crossing, Silk Road Dream Quest, and Ode to the Silk Road. At the same time, the concert takes inspiration from the artifacts in the Shanghai Museum's collection, presenting multimedia videos that interweave sound and imagery. It showcases several generations of Chinese composers' relentless exploration of the Silk Road theme. This creates a historical and imagination-stirring audio-visual experience, promoting the Chinese nation's diligent, brave, and indomitable spirit.