Creations, collaboration of Shanghai Ballet and Yen Han Ballet

Date Nov.3/19:30

Venue Shanghai International Dance Center

This year, for the first time, Yen Han Ballet Company is presenting the world premiere of Creations in collaboration with the Shanghai Ballet and Yen Han as guest ballerina.  Yen Han is prima ballerina for the Zurich Ballet since 25 years, where she and her husband, Matthias Zinser,founded the Yen Han Ballet Company in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is bringing two of their house choreographers Filipe Portugal and Ken Ossola. With special thank you to Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council for their support. 

Creations can be divided into two chapters: "Thoughts of a silent night " and "Echo of Shadow". “Thoughts of a silent night” will be a manifestation of human thoughts. It is mostly during the silence of the night that our thoughts scream out loud inside of our head! These thoughts can be struggles, fears, doubts but also can be simply thoughts of happiness and love. In essence, "Echo of Shadow" is about a search for a place and time where the body becomes the medium for Shadow and Echo. How do emotions echo within? How is our own shadow provoked to reveal itself to us? By reflecting on those two questions, the creators of produces this dance to explore the dancing body from a different angle and to stay open to the dancers' own input.

Photo by Gregory Batardon