Special Events


“Arts Plus Program” of China Shanghai International Arts Festival will present three special events including “Family Arts Camp”,“Interest-teen” and “Student Arts Jury” based on the principle of hosting activities of various art forms and high engagement for audience at different ages. The special events are aimed at enriching artistic experience of the public and promoting the spread of art.

For preschool children and family & kids, Family Arts Camp organizes a series of family & kids art performances and activities including performances of masterpiece at weekends during the Festival in cooperation with outstanding artists and art companies from home and abroad.

For elementary and secondary school students, Interest-teen will cultivate artistic creativity and promote quality of participating art activities by holding events of various art categories and diverse experiencing ways.

For high school students and undergraduates, Student Arts Jury will recruit a group of students with related association experience, interest in art, artistic accomplishment and yearning for performing on stages. Members of Student Arts Jury could enjoy performances of the Festival and participate in the index of “Young Critics”.