Performance Tickets Request

With a valid delegate pass, you can attend all the NON-TICKET events and showcases listed on the schedule.


For those programmes tagged TICKET ONLY, you may contact directly with performing groups listed below for possible complimentary ticket. Your ticket will be successfully reserved ONLY upon a confirmation email sent from the performing group.


**As there are limited number of complimentary tickets, we highly recommend you to request your tickets as soon as you receive the contact information. And it is upon the performing groups themselves to decide whom to give out the tickets and how many tickets to give out. 


1.      The 20th CSIAF Opening Performance & CSIAF Commissioned Work 2018: Ye Xiaogang’s Sixth Symphony “Hidden Tapestries: Myths of Creation” by YU Long and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

         Contact: Ruomiao Xin


         Tel+86 13501666543


2.      CSIAF Commissioned Work 2018: Rite of Spring by YANG Liping 

   Contact: Ruomiao Xin


         Tel: +86 13501666543

3.       CSIAF Commissioned Work 2018: Opera (with traditional Chinese musical instruments) Painted Skin by HAO Weiya


           Eason Liu,

           Lavinia Lan,


4.       R.A.W! Commissioned Work 2018:

           Contact: Xin Xu



           Tel: +86 15921561058

·   Experimental Opera SkinBy WANG Shiru

·     Monodrama and Experimental Opera The Old Man and the Seaby MA Xiao and LIU Dake

·   Contemporary Dance Miniature Space (working title) by DU Yanhao

·   Contemporary Dance Whip by DONG Jilan

·     Experimental Theatre Yuan Yang Lv (meaning “Shoes of Affectionate Couple”) by YANG Yunyi

5.        Showcase: Contemporary Dance Dream of Zen by Zhaoliang ART

            ContactHou Ke 

            Email : 

            Tel+86 13810267526