The 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival Has Come to the End


The 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival lasted for 31 days, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 19, and has concluded tonight in Shanghai Grand Theatre. It was hosted by Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and organized by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

This year, the festival defined its main concern as "Celebrating the 19th CPC National Congress, Singing the Main Melody, Spreading the Positive Energy, Carrying Forward the Truth, Goodness and Beauty" and introduced well-selected plays from home and abroad to a wide audience. The key words, such as " the revolutionary spirit in gene", "the Silk Road", "Chinese traditions", "the vitality of original creation", "benefaction to people" and "professional platforms", were highly emphasized throughout the festival.

This time, over 10000 art professionals from 66 countries and 31 regions in China were conglomerated in Shanghai, about 350 different activities were held, and more than 4000000 spectators were benefited from the wonderful performances.


The festival took on 45 stage performances in total, the average ticket-issued rate and attendance of which reached over 90%. Among them, up to 15 performances, including The Revival, Shoot the Moon, The Beautiful Prairie, My Sweet Home, Concert by Staatskapelle Dresden, Find Mr. Jiang Yuequan, reached 100% of its ticket-issued rate.

Art Space organized 94 public performances both indoors and outdoors in 16 districts of Shanghai. It also supported outskirts with high-quality shows as an effort to cultivate the artistic atmosphere in Jinshan, Fengxian, Chongming and so forth.

R.A.W.! has stepped into its 6th year. This time, it commissioned 12 young artists to create 9 original works. Altogether 157 commissioned and invitational works, 32 lectures, workshops and exhibitions were open to the public during R.A.W.! and R.A.W.Land!

Arts Plus Program reached schools, communities, business circles and new urban spaces where 111 activities in series were held. "Campus Tour" was taken place in 7 kindergartens, 8 primary schools, 12 middle schools and 22 universities with 46 wonderful performances. This year, the Program initiated "Student Arts Jury" and more than 260 students from high schools and universities took an active part it throughout the festival. They were encouraged to discuss art works from the perspective of younger generations and provide their own comments, feedback and suggestions.

The Network of Silk Road Arts Festival was officially established in this year, with the participation of 124 arts festivals and art institutions from 32 countries.

The Performing Arts Fair attracted representatives from 60 countries, and over 500 institutions actively attended it. The number of international institutions involved increased by 39%, compared with the last year. The Fair met 485 cooperation intentions with various approaches and provided a fabulous chance for more Chinese works to go global.

The success of themed festivals, including Guizhou Culture Week, Israel Culture Week, Parallel Sessions in Wuxi, Ningbo and Hefei, Zhujiajiao Water Village Music Festival, Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre in Jiading, Shanghai Magic Festival and Shanghai Comedy Festival, helped promote the China Shanghai International Arts Festival to be "A Festival of Arts, A Gala for All".