“Folk Songs on the Long March” Preludes “Art Space”


At 10:00am on October 15, the concert “Folk Songs on the Long March” by Shanghai Chinese Orchestra at Shanghai Urban Lawn Music Plaza opens the “Art Space”, and the program is also a special performance for the social public in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Victory of the Long March. As a core part of the Arts Festival, the “Art Space” this year will continue to the concept of “Gathering Quality Programs, Benefiting the Social Public”. During the Arts Festival this year, an arts gala including 42 programs from home and abroad and 88 public welfare performances will be staged at 24 indoor and outdoor venues.

The Long March is a legendary story in the history of human beings. The spirit of the Long March is also a spiritual richness of the Chinese people in conquering difficulties and materializing dreams. The Folk Songs on the Long March specially launched by Shanghai Chinese Orchestra develops along the story line of the Long March, integrating folk songs, red songs and poets with the modern styles.

This year, the activities of the “Art Space” will again focus on the “overflow” effect, staging quality programs from home and abroad to the public space including plazas, commercial circles and colleges in various districts and areas to expand the benefit for the social public. Artistic masters, choirs, and dance troupes from Ireland, Britain and Italy etc will present splendid performances in various public places across Shanghai.

This year is the 400th anniversary of the deaths of the British drama master Shakespeare and Chinese drama master Tang Xianzu. Thus, the “Art Space” specially plans a special 12-hour activity with the theme of “Paying Respect for Masters” and the activity will be staged at Shanghai Urban Lawn Music Plaza and Shanghai Concert Hall. The activity consists of multiple modules including Music Performance, Parents-Children Interactivity, Creative Ideas, Video Device, VR Experience, Cosplay Show, Street Artists etc, creating a continuous 12-hour arts gala and presenting the quality culture into the public sphere.

This year, the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival will also join hands with social organizations to expand the positive energy of public welfare effect of the Art Space by launching the public welfare activity of “Wheat Project” to help children who live in remote regions but bear arts dreams to come to Shanghai for arts training by professional artists and realize their arts dreams.