Oidip by Teatrul Național "Radu Stanca"Sibiu


Oidip by Teatrul Național


Oedipus produced by the National Theater of Sibiu combines visual effects with montage. Director Silviu Pucarrett has ever said: “Oedipus is one of the most beautiful scripts in dramatic literature. Years later, when I returned to the world of Greek tragedies, my passion for creative was inspired, and in my past career, I have never created a same classic figure for a long time.” 

In the year 420, Sophocles writes Oidip king at the age of seventy-five years, and then he writes Oidip in Colonos. This drama by Sibiu National Theatre was created on the basis of Oedipus and Oedipus at Colonus.

Photo:Mihaela Marin