Why We Chat by Edward Lam Dance Theatre


Why We Chat by Edward Lam Dance Theatre


This drama, adapted from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, a famous work of Pu Songling, depicts the life of modern people: the life defined by mobile phone is just a dream.

Liao is the spiritual sustenance, and Zhai is a narrow space. 

Through re-creation, Edward Lam brings the audience a series of questions instead of answers.

Yang Zhao, a literary consultant and literary critic of this work, believes through the re-created drama, Edward Lam gave the audience not an answer, but a series of questions. By reading and reviewing famous work, we have a richer and deeper understanding of not only experiencing the classics but also realizing yourself.

This work is also the fourth cooperation between Edward Lam and the screenwriter Huang Yongshi, after Jia Baoyu, the Three Kingdoms and the Troublesome Marriage of a Family. In addition, Zhang Aijia and Wang Yaoqing are specially invited to perform in the drama.

Photo:Keith Hiro、Li Liu