Concert by Orfeó Català


Concert by Orfeó Català


Being a symphony choir, Orfeó Català is a symphony choir which has various performing styles, including vocal and orchestral performance and choral music. Moreover, its repertoire covers local traditional music and classical music of Catalonia. The high level of the choir allows it to regularly collaborate with the top Catalan and Spanish orchestras, as well as touring with orchestras from Europe and the rest of the world.

This concert will be led by the well-known conductor Simon Halsey. Enjoying a unique status in the classical music field, He is the best orchestras and choirs in the world. He is also a teacher and art ambassador for chorus enthusiasts of any age, ability and background. Simon Halsey has played an important role in improving the quality of symphony chorus across whole Europe. In addition, pianist Joseph Surinyak will also perform at this concert.

Photo:Antoni Bofill