The Sleeping Beauty by The Australian Ballet


The Sleeping Beauty by The Australian Ballet


The latest ballet work The Sleeping Beauty made by the Australian Ballet, is full of Baroque romance. This version of The Sleeping Beauty is extremely luxurious, the media commented. And with the fascinating performance, the audience could completely run away from the noise and enter the gorgeous world of fairy tale portrayed by the ballet troupe.

Marius Petipa, the choreographer, is one of the greatest masters in the history of ballet. His brilliant achievements have impressed the world that he is worthy of the reputation of “the father of classical ballet”. The new production by David McAllister, the current artistic director of the ballet group, based on the magical and solemn characteristics of Petipa’s original work, the typical dance sessions, the famous melody by Tchaikovsky and the stunning costumes design, show the superb skills and abilities of the whole ballet group.

Photo:Jeff Busby