"Capacity & Tension"—2017 Shanghai International Print Exhibition

Updated by:2017-09-12

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The theme of this term of Shanghai international print exhibition is confirmed to be “Capacity & Tension”. The exhibition themes before like “City Observation” and “Human Read” paid more attention to humanistic society, and now it focuses more on the development and transformation of ontology characteristics of print in modern context.

When digital technology gets very popular and started to be applied in print innovation, there are still people out there using the most ancient engraving technique to produce refreshing black-white woodcut pictures. The coexistence and co-flourishing of new technologies and old methods and the equal emphasizing of experimental innovation and inheritance not only constructed the physical properties of print, but also displayed the appearance and spirit of print. 

The exhibition will invite woodcutters and some modern artists who are rater active and of explorative spirit in the development of the ontology language of print in recent years to provide their recent works for theme presentation. The organisers will choose the works which are representative and classic in the field of modern prints, and there shall be about 120 pieces of works to displayed. 

"Capacity & Tension"—2017 Shanghai International Print Exhibition

Date: 2017.11.15-2018.4.15

Venue: China Art Museum