The Country's Grain Fields by Tianjin People's Art Theatre


The Country's Grain Fields by Tianjin People's Art Theatre


The drama tells the story of the Qing Dynasty in the tenth year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign when the emperor adopted Liu Tongxun's, head of the Ministry of the Book proposal and sent the secret guards to eighteenth provinces to capture the field birds, trying to test the food in the stomach of birds to solve the mystery of the grain harvest in the country. An “Inspection of the birds in the Golden Palace” revealed the case of non-reporting of disaster, coveting political achievements and accumulating illegal money. Facing garrotting from evil forces of all parties and shameful betrayal from his student Du Xiao, Liu launched extremely tragic battles for life and death. He finally had a narrow escape from death and kept the red line of arable farmland area for ensuring food security of Qing Dynasty. 

The creation of this drama is started with the grain field which is concerned with the national economy and people’s livelihood. Through the sharp contradiction between the honest officials and corrupt officials, it reflects the human nature of the good and evil. A more immediate and impacting stage image will be presented to the audience by the drama version of "The Country's Grain Fields" .

The play is directed by Zhong Hai. Stage art is designed by Wang Weizhong. Wu jingan, who has played the leading role in TV series The Country’s Grain Fields, is invited to play Liu. Three generations of actors and actresses from the Tianjin People's Art Theater will perform together to show this legendary historical drama.

Date:Nov.11-12 19:30

Venue: Majestic Theatre

(To Be Continued)