The Blazing Dawn by Shanghai Jingju Company


The Blazing Dawn by Shanghai Jingju Company


The Blazing Dawn, a contemporary Peking Opera play produced by Shanghai Jingju Company, is set in Chongqing around the foundation of the People's Republic of China. It tells the story of how a group of youthful communists hold fast to their faith despite imprisonment and torture and leave, upon their tragic yet heroic death, the Eight Admonitions from the Prison to the Communist Party of China.

Based on real events, The Blazing Dawn is an exploration into and reconstruction of the revolutionary theme in the famous novel Red Crag, which proves to be of even more profound significance to all party members today. The play seeks to unveil both the strength of the communists' faith and the purity of the revolutionists' souls.

Composed by the National First-Class Playwright Li Li, who has authored Success and Failure of Xiao He, and directed by the National First-Class Director Wang Qing, the play stars the cream of the company's young performers, including Fu Xiru, Yang Yang, Lu Su, and Dong Hongsong. The singing style of the play is designed by Xu Zhengtai, who is known for his professionalism.

Date:Nov.17-18 19:15

Venue:Tianchan Peking Opera Centre Yifu Theatre

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