The Makropulos Case by Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno


The Makropulos Case by Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno


An excellent production by David Radok, which was the opening of International Festival Janáček Brno 2014 and lately was awarded by Czech Crystal Award - Performing Arts and Dagmar and Václav Havel‘s Vize 97 Foundation Award on the International Television Festival Golden Prague 2015.

Janáček’s penultimate opera, based on a play of the same name by Karel Čapek, is about the desire for immortality but also about the infinite fatigue and horror to those whom death is denied. The main character, Emilia Marty, has lived for more than three hundred years. She gradually ceases to enjoy life and becomes exhausted, lonely and cynical. This mysterious femme fatale turns upside down the life of anyone she meets. Čapek’s absurd comedy is a mystery thriller that looks into the eccentric world of the opera diva, the decadent aristocracy and the superficial bourgeoisie. 

Leoš Janáček (1854–1928) is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable composers in the context of both Czech and world music. His work remains some of the most progressive of the 20th century, and during the 1920s, he stood at the head of the modern Czech music movement.

The city of Brno and the Opera Ensemble of the National Theatre Brno (Národní divadlo Brno or NdB) are closely connected with the life and work of one of the world’s most famous 20th century composers Leoš Janáček, all of whose operas, except one, had their world premiere in Brno.

Date:Nov.19/21 19:15

Venue:Shanghai Grand Theatre

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