Concert by Lang Lang, Sir Simon Rattle & Berliner Philharmoniker

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Concert by Lang Lang, Sir Simon Rattle & Berliner Philharmoniker

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The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra fully deserves the top spot of the classical orchestra in the world. It is famous in the world for more than a century for their deep historical heritage, superb playing skills and incomparable wonderful play, which conquers the fans and the audience all over the world. The orchestra was founded in 1882, the greatest conductor leaders of their time as Von Byulo, Arthur Nikisch, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Herbert von Karajan, and Claudio Abbado all have served as commands there, which establishes a glorious tradition. In 2002, Sir Simon Rattle was elected as the sixth chief conductor and artistic director. After more than 10 years of reform, through the absorption of different schools and skills, the Orchestra becomes more aggressive than before, and is more inclusive. Since its first debut in 1913, the band has recorded an astonishing number of albums, which is one of the most recorded. 

Sir Simon Rattle is one of the hottest conductors in the world. He is now the chief conductor and artistic director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. His commanding talents and accomplishments impressed the classical music world, and he was named "the gifted young conductor" at the age of 15. Since Sir Simon Rattle became the chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, he not only maintained the super level of the band, but also expanded the orchestra repertoire, meanwhile, he also promoted the classical music in a novel way that many fans loved. Sir Simon Rattle enjoyed countless Supreme honors. He has recorded more than 60 recordings and won many prestigious international awards, including a three Record Awards awarded by the the Gramophone magazine, which included Record of the Year's Best, Record of the Best Orchestral Music and Record of the Best Recording. Sir Simon Rattle won several international awards: in 1987, he was appointed as the second-class senior Knight of the United Kingdom; in 1994, he was named by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as Knight; in 1997, the BBC Music Magazine awarded him for outstanding achievement; in 1997, the Royal Art Association awarded him the Albert medal; in 1999, South Arts Awards Committee awarded him the distinguished achievement award; in 2001, he won the Science and Art Cross of Austria, etc. 

Lang Lang is called by the People magazine as "one of the 20 youths that will change the world", he is also known as "the world's youngest piano master", "gold star", "the player of the world people, the pride of Chinese people", "Lang Lang, the China name card". Lang Lang was the first pianist to join hands with different conductors and play ten different styles of Concertos in a month. He was the first Chinese pianist to work with all the super orchestras, such as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and the five American orchestras, etc. And has performed solo concerts at almost all the famous concert halls around the world. He is called after Vladimir Horowitz and Rubenstein as a leading figure in the Piano World. Lang Lang's musical talent and passionate temperament complement each other, making him the best interpreter of contemporary classical music and the idol of young people. 




BARTOK | Piano Concerto No.2 (Lang Lang)

BRAHMS | Symphony No.4


STRAVINSKY | Petrushka


RACHMANINOV | Symphony No.3

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