Black and White by NdB Ballet

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Black and White by NdB Ballet

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Black and White is essentially a contemporary, adapted version of the flagship of the classical repertoire – Swan Lake,a ballet that is without a doubt the most performed across the world. The work attempts to bring to the younger generation a different point of view, contradicting all traditions and as such visually reshaping Swan Lake. In this production the story is told through the main character of Prince Siegfried, who is going through a difficult life situation associated with the treatment of a serious illness – cancer. Sometimes one second is enough – and life is turned upside down.Just like the Prince in the classic version of the story, he also faces a choice. White or Black...

Is the colour of white really so innocent or is it far more dangerous than black? Some cultures consider black to be much more predictable than white. It’s about how we see things: perhaps paradoxically, black helps us much more to become conscious of our journey.

The National Theatre Brno (Czech: Národní divadlo Brno) is the major theatre house in Brno. It was established in 1884 and modeled on the National Theatre in Prague. It now consists of three stages: Mahen Theatre(drama), Janáček Theatre(opera, ballet), and Reduta Thratre. 

Date:Oct.20-21 19:30

Venue:Shanghai International Dance Center

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