CSIAF Workshop


China Shanghai International Arts Festival has been devoted to cultivate talents for arts festivals home and strengthen the international communication.

As usual, CSIAF Workshop will invite outstanding representatives from top international arts festivals and arts organizations this year in order to lead the trend of the development of the arts festivals both home and abroad.

Led by the theme of “Artistic Planning and Sustainable Operation”, the Workshop will discuss sustainable development strategies in festival operation from the perspective of program designing and general management through lectures and panels.

The workshop provides a trans-cultural situation and gives an opportunity for participants from different arts industries and mentors to have a dialogue. The workshop conveys new philosophy and new reflections on arts, inspiring participants how the future trend will develop and how will it operate.


Workshop1 will be brought by three directors from leading festivals. 


Anders Beyer 

CEO of Bergen International Festival

Since 2006, he has been the Artistic Director and General Manager of Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen which in later years has hosted an international festival of contemporary music. In 2009, Beyer founded the Copenhagen Opera Festival.


Bergen International Festival is the largest one of its kind in the North European countries, involving the most advanced works and artists in the fields of music, opera, theatre and dance.


Constantin Chiriac

President of Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Leader of Sibiu National Theatre


Sibiu International Theatre Festival is one of the important arts festivals in Europe. It represents, besides a celebration of arts, a perfect combination of theatre, dance, circus, movie, book, conferences, exhibitions, performance, music.


Roy Luxford (to be confirmed)

Planning and Operations Director of Edinburgh International Festival. 

Over the last 8 years Roy has worked internationally as a producer of theatre, dance and music-theatre. At the same time, he has rich experience in operating theatres, taking charge of co-ordinating the artistic planning and technical functions.


Edinburgh International Arts Festival was founded in 1947, one of the oldest and largest international arts festivals, covering the various arts forms, like opera, music, theatre and dance performance. The original founding philosophy is to provide stage for the flourishing of contemporary arts.

Workshop 2 is of the topic “Vision Arts Management from the Future”. China will lead the Workshop participants and the 2017 Atelier Workshop participants to explore learnings and visions of general arts management.


Lin Hongming is now director and professor of arts management. He was General Manager of Shanghai Oriental Arts Center for 12 years.


Yu Rongjun is vice president of Shanghai SMG performing arts group, playwriter, producer and deputy general manager of Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. 


Huang Jiadai is director of ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival.