Environment Immersion APP Interactive Drama: Duality


Environment Immersion APP Interactive Drama: Duality


Date:Oct.16-Oct.22, 1:00p.m./2:30p.m./4:00p.m. each day

Venue:Shanghai Theatre Academy

Tong Tong

Tong graduated from New York University. She is now a graduate student in Film Studies at Shanghai Theatre Academy. She is a mainland Chinese actress, director, and screenwriter. She is nominated as the Youth Ambassador to Fight against AIDS by UN. Meanwhile, she is also one of the appointed young artists of “Rising Artists’ Works” of the 16th China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF). Tong received Popular TV Golden Eagle Award for the Best Supporting Actress Nomination by playing Panpan Zhang in the TV drama I Want A Home, and she won the Best Leading Actress Nomination by playing Duoduo Shui in the TV drama Hello! Baby. During her study in the U.S., she has had two times bilingual MC experiences at Lincoln Center.

In 2013, the Water Ink Theatre the Great Wall Poetry is written and directed by Tong, officially selected as the invited Work by the 15th CSIAF R.A.W! Land. In 2014, the short film the Pingtan Master is written and directed by her, received the Best Picture of Academy Award from the special unit of MIFF and SIFF. In 2014, the Multi Media Theatre the M Feast is written and directed by her is officially selected as the Commissioned Work of the 16th SIAF R.A.W! in 2015, she wrote and directed the experimental short film The Gyroscope Man. In 2016, the App Immersive Theatre Duality is written and directed by her, is the R.A.W! 5th anniversary Special Commissioned Production of the 18th CSIAF.

Co-produced by Shanghai Theatre Academy, CSIAF and New Zealand Storybox, environment immersion drama Duality is the first drama in China ever to be completed by App and interactive performance.

The sites of the play cover the entire campus of STA: unlike other immersion dramas that require a comparatively centralized space, the story of Duality starts in a burger shop and ends on a rooftop. It has about 8 trigger points in the storyline and will last for about an hour. The audience will join the play truly as leading roles, beginning a quest for the truth.

A pretty girl who is under the great pressure of graduation from department of acting; her elder sister who works overtime everyday but never enjoys parental care; a live webcast; an abduction and disappearance. The elder sister keeps looking for her, while she is also looking for the truth in another way…….

Duality is a ground-breaking combination of smart phone app and real people. It helps the audience enter and develop the story through news popup windows, SMS, Wechat video, telephone calls and so on. Every one of the audience is going to act as the elder sister and actors will be playing towards everyone: they will not say anything, but the audience will hear their voice from the earphones and meanwhile enjoy their performance by eye-contact and body.

Technical support for Duality is Storybox form New Zealand, the original creation team of the immersion drama The Woman Who Forget. The play went on stage in March this year on New Zealand Drama Festival and received a lot of good reviews. Storybox is responsible for the construction of storyline and route of Duality, development of App used in the performance and technical direction during the whole performance.

Director Tong Tong explained Duality in this way: Omnipresent media information and public opinions suffocate us. The oppression of the mechanical society, the abundance of material, the piling up of information make humanity go to extremes. This is the allusion of the characters in the play. We choose a current hot topic that people will be readily identify with, hoping to alarm the audience with pain and arouse their reflection.